EDA - EGM Moodle page

A moodle page specifically dedicated to EGM is active at  EDA-EGM Moodle page. 

You can find various useful information about the course and how it is organize, the international scholars that join the faculty,  how you can obtain a double degree while being an EDA-EGM student, our suggested Erasmus programs and other possibilities to enrich your preparation abroad. In addition, you can find information about summers stages and internships, info on seminars and cultural events, hints about research thesis.

You can even find some interesting readings from the international media concerning topical economic and political issues as well as advices on young economists future careers.

From EDA-EGM moodle page enrolled students can easily access all the courses they attend and the lecture materials.

Please sign in using the guide you find in the moodle. Once you are signed in, you will also receive, in your email, prompt notices about the courses, exams, classes. Finally, EDA-EGM moodle is a place from which you can also send enquiries addressed to people involved in EDA-EGM.