Going abroad

Double Degree Program

Partner: University of Trier (Germany)

Local coordinator: Prof. Annalisa Cristini

Students enrolled in EDA are offered the opportunity to attend the second year of their Master Degree at the University of Trier (Germany) and obtain a M.Sc.in Economics: European Economic Integration in addition to the Laurea Magistrale in Economics and Data Analysis form the University of Bergamo. For further information please contact Prof. Annalisa Cristini.

Erasmus programs

Students are encouraged to spend a period in another European university, by applying to the Erasmus program or to similar agreements that have been signed between the University of Bergamo and other Universities.
For a number of European universities there exist a ready-to-use map linking courses taught in EDA to those that students can attend abroad in substitution of the former. Maps are available for the following Universities: Trier (GE), Maastricht (NL), Alcalá (SP); many other universities offer courses that can be mapped.
For further information please contact prof. Elena Cefis or prof. Annalisa Cristini.